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hello! long time no see!!
I made a new account! AndreeaMN
from now on I will post my drawings there [yes there will be drawings]
and I will not close this one. but I wont be that active here anymore

on Monday I will start University again:la: and I cant wait for it

how's everyone? how was your summer?
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HI! :iconhelloplz:

I'm still alive and I've been tagged by :iconemzie92: 


You must post these rules.
2. These rules.

10 random facts about yourself

1. I just finished my first year of History of Arts and I'm quite pleased. (college is fun hehe... except for exams :iconotlplz:)
2. I've been to a medieval festival in my country and it was sooo great. people wearing medieval clothes... participating in tournamets and were even some medieval dances and concerts and stuff.
3. I'm going to start a fashion design course (AND I CANT WAIT :la: )
4. I ate half of a watermelon in less than 30 minutes
5. prehistory is the most boring subject I've studied (except for the first semester when we've studied about shamanism.) but the last semester teacher was quite insane.... she always locked the door because she didn't wanted to be bothered by those who were a few minutes late :\ ..... oh and also she failed 80% of the students (including me :( ) I dont know how was that possible... the exam  was easy.. all we had to do was to give some definitions... ..
6. I love all this summer new anime :la:
7. I am definitely not good at writing facts about myself
8. I'm in love with guy who is 5 years older than me... and he probably he doesn't even know I exist
9. next year I will learn turkish :dummy:
10.I had many plans this summer, but a half of it is already gone and I haven't accomplished anything

oook now 
Questions for me

1. Your ideal car?
or this…
2. Your ideal place to live?
hmmmm in a nice house in the mountains with a huge garden and a high variety of flowers, and the house with the furniture in it to be in late 19th century style. 
3. Bungee jump or skydive? 
hmmmm skydive
4. How do you most like to wear your hair?
in a bun. I dont really like it , but I cant make it another way OTL
5. Do you like to play cards?
who doesn't
6. What would you like to get a degree in/what do you have a degree in? 
I dont have one yet.. but I will in a few years in history of arts
7. Your favourite classic pokemon (ie. out of the first 150)? If you watched it.
8. If you could visit a planet, what one would you go to and why?
probably Mars.. 
9. Super hot or super cold?
10. Your favourite type of extreme weather?
hmmm tropical cyclones? 

I'm so rebellious that I wont follow the rules and I wont make 10 questions and tag people ahahaha. (lol)
I can't really thing of any and I don't think I know 10 people

anyway I wish you a wonderful day/night 
  • Mood: Happy Tears
  • Reading: Gintama
  • Watching: Gintama
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  • Eating: cake
  • Drinking: water
Happy Birthday!! by KisamiReya
Happy Birthday!!
Happy late Birthday my dear Sui!!!:icondiosmaligno:

sorry for taking so long...  Im lame
soo I made Sasuke and Karin as elves I tried since we were talking about it a few days ago and you said you wanted to see more of it... soooo there you go :dummy:

Happy Birthday again I hope you had a wonderful one and sorry for being late OTL
and I hope you like this pic

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